Royal Blackburn Hospital

Client: Consort Healthcare (Blackburn) Ltd

Value: £4.7m

We have completed various phased refurbishment and extension projects in areas surrounded by other live, operational and occupied environments including:

• A&E department - new waiting room and resuscitation area

• Trust Headquarters - demolition and strip out to form offices and new treatment rooms

• Dementia Ward on the third floor – creation of wards, private accommodation, offices, reception area, nurse station and
welfare facilities.

Works involved the installation of new partitions, doors, fixtures and fittings; refurbishment of floor, ceiling and wall finishes; revisions and upgrade of electrical services to reflect power and lighting; modifications to mechanical services in respect of ventilation, medical gases, CHSP and above ground drainage.

Additional works awarded include:

  • Ward B2,  B14 and B20 - upgrade of kitchens and ward refurbishment

  • Endoscopy department - installation of new sterilising unit

  • X-ray department - refurbishment for installation of new Siemens gamma machine

  • MRI Suite - refurbishment and installation of MRI scanner

  • Children’s ward - upgrade and refurbishment

  • Reception desk - manufacture and installation

  • Canopy - refurbishment

  • Trust Headquarters - waiting room refurbishment

  • Urology Unit - refurbishment

  • A&E department - alterations and refurbishment

  • Surgical Admissions Day Unit – refurbishment of various areas including en-suites, post-op care and reception

  • Mortuary - upgrade and refurbishment

  • Theatre 5 - installation of specialist theatre equipment and creation of offices.