Turner Dental, School of Dentistry, Manchester

Client: Central Manchester and Manchester Children’s Hospital

Value: £1.6m

Works included the new build of an extension and also a multi-phased refurbishment in fully operational and high sensitive areas of the children’s dental department on the second floor at The University Dental Hospital of Manchester.

Installation of specialist equipment including the mechanical supply and extract ducts for the 12 dental chairs were mounted on the underside of the structural floor and routed externally to the roof top where the new air handling and chiller units were located. The mechanical and electrical services constituted 40% of the project cost and were substantial installations.

Working closely with the client’s FM company, we maintained strict permit to work procedures, retaining essential services during normal working hours. In order to satisfy the client’s restrictions much of the works were carried out ‘out of hours’ either during the night or at weekends as deemed necessary.